13-17 May, 2024 (7 Days)

Pretoria, South Africa


Enhancing Emotional intelligence for Effective Leadership

13th – 17th May 2024 (1 week)

Pretoria – South Africa 


Meeting the challenges faced daily in organisations needs individual contributors, leaders, and teams to be armed with strategies and tools required to show up in the right way every day, to lead and drive for results.


Emotional Intelligence, effective leadership and performing under pressure are components that ensure proper management of people in the organisation. This course therefore combines these important components to ensure that participants gain a good insight into how they work and how best to use them to manage people and improve the fortunes of the organisation.



At the end of the training, participants should be able to demonstrate the following outcomes:

  • Define and understand emotional intelligence
  • Understand your emotional intelligence- how you view yourself and how you view others
  • Understand your emotional triggers and how to manage them.
  • Balance IQ and EQ for enhanced business decisions
  • Use improved listening and communication skills for better relationships
  • Improve resilience and ability to manage stress




  • The importance of emotional intelligence in our modern work environment
  • Assessing your emotional intelligence and behavioural styles
  • Understanding the components of emotional intelligence (Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Self-Motivation, Empathy, Effective Relationships)
  • Emotional intelligence and work performance
  • Managing people in a multicultural environment
  • Improved communication and Listening skills
  • Empathy and wearing the shoes of others
  • Managing emotional effects from change
  • Managing stress through emotional intelligence improvements




  • Board members
  • Chief executive officers
  • Senior management staff
  • Senior government officials
  • Departmental managers



Practical approach will be employed to ensure individual participation and experience sharing.


Three thousand and fifty US Dollars (US$3050.00) per participant.  This cost covers tuition, study materials, administration fees, tea/coffee, lunch, airport transfer and transport for local city tour.

Other activities include a networking dinner on the evening of Day 4 and a pre-selected and agreed tour of Pretoria on Day 5.


Organisations sending four (4) participants can send one (1) more at no extra cost.


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