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For most countries in the SADC region and a few other countries from other regions in Africa, Visas are not required to attend a programme in Swaziland or South Africa. However where it is required we will advise participants on the process that will be followed to procure the visa

In some cases a student’s visa is required for participants attending our programme in Eswatini. If no high commission of Eswatini exists in your home country, the participants will be advises to scan and send the information page of the international passport by email. SDI will process and procure the visa from the home affairs department in Eswatini. The cost hovers around USD70. The fee must be refunded to SDI on arrival.


We conduct special programmes twice a year. These programme a selected due to specific demand from participants that may have attended similar programme in the past. With the required numbers these programme are usually held in the months of July in a carefully selected capital /city of an African nation. The other programme is held in December in Dubai UAE. The programmes are normally advertised on our website and interested participants are encouraged to book on time to reserve their space. Normally limited spaces are available for the programmes.


From the months of April to September is usually the winter period in the South Africa or the Kingdom of Eswatini, while the months of October to March is summer. However it is advised that participants come with a few warm clothing even during summer as temperature can drop sometimes


Participants can register for our courses through one or a combination of the following means- Email, Phone call, SMS, WhatsApp, Online Application, Downloadable Application

  1. Email

Participants can enrol by sending us an email with requested programme and their full details. It is important to include their position and department. The email can be sent to or  All efforts will be made to reply within 24hrs.

  1. Phone call

You can call our office on +268 24050699, cell phone +268 76042262 or +27 833505354. It is important that we get your full name phone no and email address. It will be easier to get back to you if we lose the communication link.

  1. Cell Phone SMS

Any of these numbers +26876042262 of +27833505354

  1. WhatsApp

All requests for application or registration can be made using the following WhatsApp no +26876042262

  1. Online Application

You can complete and send our online application form. You will get a response within 24hrs.

  1. Downloadable Application

In the case where multiple applications are for a group of participants for the same or different programmes from one organisation, the downloadable application form can be used. However, we advise that group application can be made by email simple by stating the names of the participants and the course(s) they are applying for. It is usually faster to respond to requests like that.

  1. Special group discounts

For organisations sending 5 or more participants for the same programme at the same time, we offer specially negotiated discounts for them. Please do get in touch with us if you sending a group of 5 or more for this special negotiable discount

  1. Incentives for marketing and referrals

We engage our past participants/Alumni to market our programmes, or refer new participants to us for training. We offer an incentive for this service especially for time and materials that may have been used. These incentives vary and may include a determined percentage of the course fee.  All effort is made to ensure that all referrals are adequately compensated

  1. Payment of Tuition Fees

We prefer that payment of programme fees are made before the arrival of participants. This can be made by SWIFT in US$ or South African Rand. Participants may also opt to come with the fees cash.



The cost of full board accommodation and daily feeding are expected to be borne by the participants or their sponsoring organisation. Accommodation cost range from USD40 to USD50 and feeding USD 20 TO USD30 for feeding depending on the preferences of the participant. SDI will provide the necessary details on request.

Many accommodation options are open for participants, however we have recommended places that we prefer our participants to stay. If the participants made other arrangement we will still pick the participant to and fro the preferred accommodation and our training center as long as it is within a 6 km radius.